Mining Town in the Desert

Session 1

We’re sent to investigate what’s going on with the mines, and en-route our boat is attacked and destroyed by some unknown entity. We’re all dropped into the water, and lost consciousness in the struggle. We wake up 20-30 miles UPSTREAM from where the boat was destroyed, and we decide to hoof it to the mining outpost. Nightfall hits and we camp for the night, we set up a rotating guard, and have an uneventful night. We make it to town the next day, and decide to check out the Haunt. The biggest, baddest tavern in town. Grizzle, the inn keep didn’t talk much, but we learn that hunting money lizzards is the way to start making money.

We head to bed for a nap before dusk hits and then we meet up back at the Haunt at the appropriate time for the money lizard hunting groups. We talk to a few people, and meet a guy called The Hunter? Or was he The Huntsman? I don’t remember, he was a big bad half-orc, and he offered us 4 copper a day if we wanted to join his group. We declined, and headed out on our own. A couple of days out of town we find our first money lizard, and kill it. We botch the survival roll to get its skin, and only end up with 3/4 of a hide. We keep pressing on, and come upon a large lizard, called a super money lizard? or something like that, but we fought it, and killed it, and ended up with a pristine lizard skin. We keep on keepin’ on, and we find another lizard, as it starts running away from us, Louie (ranger) double moves past it. Half way though his movement, Louie is grappled by a large scorpion and due to an unfortunate crit was removed from the party. We decide to head back to town since we no longer have a tracker or a forager for us.

Upon arriving in town, we pour one out to our lost homie, and in the process meet a new ranger named Huey. After he joins the party we proceed to sell the lizard skins and come upon the realization that this is not the money making business we thought it was. While trying to decide what to do at this point, Khardaz ventures out to the town guard, and spars with the second in command of the guard (we’ll call him bill since I cant remember his name) to prove his worth, and is offered a spot in the guard, for him and anyone he vouches for. We show up at the appointed time, and are in-processed.

Our first mission is to guard a safe house in the middle of the ghetto, and to beat up anyone who tried to break in, then throw them out on their asses. As we’re guarding the box, we start to hear bribes through the door. Starting with a lil cash, then moving up to whores, then some pot, then more cash, and finally a LOT of cash. We decided that profit is only a dirty word to the stupid people in the world, and that we would take this bandits for all they’re worth. We demanded some payment up front, and a bag of blue gems was thrown under the door to us. kiester stashed them, and we Qtip proceeded to tell the bandits to GTFO. They tried to burn down the building (Or maybe just smoke us out), but our unlimited supply of create water kept them from having any success.

They ended up leaving, and morning came. Bill shows up in the morning, to relieve us from our duty, and we explain the events of the night. He tells us that we did well, and asked what they tried to bribe us with. We told him about the whores, drugs, and coins they put under the door, but cameron didn’t tell him about the jewels (most of us didnt know about em since we were asleep). He takes the bribes we told him about as evidence, and tells us we did a good job, and that we deserve to know what we were guarding. He opens the box to reveal, the Reeve. The captain of the guards if you will. The head hauncho, the big bambino. He tells Qtip that theyre just pieces of colored glass, and that we just passed our test, and are welcome on the town guard.



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