Mining Town in the Desert

Session 2

The following are my shittily taken notes from last session, I’ll try to flesh them out sometime when its not 6am. =/

23rd of Calistril
John presbiter gives the morning brief
-Joyce joined party
-Go to the convict area with John
-Quelled uprising in prison area
—seemed like organized plan to kill certain people
—prisoner dragged to guard shack
-given day off
-gathered info around town with Joyce/Cameron >> no info
-go to haunt

24th of Calistril

-Morning brief
-patrol docks area
-6 creepers half naked in a shack
-verify the shack is owned by Eagen
-Cameron stays with them
-Magic circle
-Turns beastial (lycanthropy? Gross.)
-6 creepers sneak down the road to Eagen’s place
-non-uniformed work approved to take out the Brox

25th of Calistril

-Morning brief
-uneventful day shift
-recon on warehouse
-attack warehouse
-fell back to regroup/ plan second assauly
-hour or two later attacked again
-cleared out warehouse
-session ended



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