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Syracuse-on-Themis is a mining town. You could say that it’s THE mining town. Situated in the middle of the Wesleyan Desert, it’s as far from civilization in the kindom of Valerian as you can get. It’s situated on a river, true, but the only thing of note out here (other than the business end of a kobold arrow) is the mines.

These mines, 2-3 days east of Syracuse-on-Themis, are rumored to be inexhaustible. Miners have found iron, coal, rubies, gold, silver and mithril within, and it would take even a dwarf a hundred lifetimes to delve through it all. This ready supply of raw materials has ensured Valerian’s prosperity and forged the arms which keep her safe.

Years pass and kings come and go. The current King, Marsyas II, doesn’t much care for hands-on administration. As long as the shipments of metals and gems come in on schedule, he’s content. Unfortunately, this past year’s shipments have been late, incomplete, or missing entirely. Accustomed to the once-a-month delivery of valuables, he is understandably concerned, the more so because his overseer, a gnome by the name of Berejon Fudkin, has yet to answer any enquiries regarding the matter. Some of the messengers have also failed to return, but that’s not unusual given the hostile nature of the territory.

You have been dispatched to investigate the matter, as a prelude to a more formal enquiry. You are under geas not to reveal your mission, nor to reveal your connection to the king. If you can get the goods flowing again, discreetly of course, wealth and titles are sure to be yours. If you retreat with your tails between your legs, the King’s Spymaster will have no more use for you.

Ranks in the Town Guard

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Main Page

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